Exciting Summer Holiday Activities in Past Tense

What did you, your family, and friends do over the summer holiday using the Passé Composé verb tense?

Exciting Summer Holiday Activities in Past Tense

During the summer holiday, there were a lot of fun activities that I, my family, and friends did. Let's dive into some of the exciting adventures in the past tense:

1) J'ai nagé beaucoup dans la piscine. (nager)

Translation: I swam a lot in the pool.

2) Mes parents ont voyagé en Europe. (voyager)

Translation: My parents traveled to Europe.

3) Mes cousins et moi, nous avons entendu les paroles de la musique française. (entendre)

Translation: My cousins and I listened to the lyrics of French music.

4) J'ai travaillé au magasin des sports. (travailler)

Translation: I worked at the sports store.

5) Ma tante a vendu sa voiture! (vendre)

Translation: My aunt sold her car!

6) Mon amie Rubie a fini son livre "Harry Potter". (finir)

Translation: My friend Rubie finished her book "Harry Potter".

7) J'ai mangé au café souvent avec mes copains. (manger)

Translation: I ate at the cafe often with my friends.

8) Ma famille et moi, nous avons acheté les vêtements au centre commercial. (acheter)

Translation: My family and I bought clothes at the mall.

These were some of the exhilarating activities that took place during the summer holiday, filled with memorable experiences and adventures.

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