Louisville Slugger Baseball Bats: A Reflection on History

Which of the following baseball players endorsed Louisville Slugger baseball bats and was described by the chapter's authors as "a personality, a hero, a human interest story, a style to be copied"?

a. Babe Ruth
b. Ty Cobb
c. Honus Wagner
d. Joe DiMaggio

Baseball players supported Louisville Slugger baseball bats and were described as "a personality, a hero, a sensational news story, a style to be emulated" by the chapter's authors.

Who is associated with Louisville Slugger baseball bats?

In what ways did the First World War make the sporting goods industry more appealing?


a. Babe Ruth

Ruth signed a deal with Hillerich Bradsbury to promote the renowned Louisville Slugger baseball bat as a burgeoning star hitter on the team. The contract was signed on July 9, 1918, just two years before Ruth led the Red Sox to their fourth World Series championship in four years.


The First World War had an immediate impact on the sporting goods industry, as military training provided a new source of revenue. The demand for sporting goods equipment increased significantly during the war, making the industry more appealing.

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