Bailment Types and Examples

What is the most likely type of bailment when Percival takes his computer to a repair shop to have the disk drive repaired? The correct answer is (c) bailee benefit bailment.

Understanding Bailment Types

Bailment is a legal relationship where physical possession of personal property is transferred from one party to another for a specific purpose. There are different types of bailments based on the benefits received by the parties involved.

Bailee Benefit Bailment

Bailee benefit bailment is a type of bailment where the bailee (party receiving the property) benefits from the arrangement. In the case of Percival taking his computer to a repair shop, the repair shop benefits from the repair work they will perform on the computer. This type of bailment is created for the benefit of the bailee, who receives some form of compensation or benefit from possessing the property.

Repair Shop Example

When Percival entrusts his computer to the repair shop, he is creating a bailee benefit bailment. The repair shop will benefit from repairing the computer, while Percival benefits from having his computer fixed. This legal arrangement ensures that the repair shop exercises reasonable care in handling the computer and returns it to Percival once the repair is completed.


In conclusion, the most likely type of bailment in the scenario described is a bailee benefit bailment. Understanding the different types of bailments is essential for determining the rights and obligations of parties involved in a bailment agreement.

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