Understanding Infants: The Early Development Stage

Sam's Early Development Stage

Sam is a 12-month-old infant who just began crawling. He has not attempted to walk yet. This may be a result of Sam sleeping on his back.

The youngest human descendants are called infants or babies. A formal or specialized synonym for the term baby is infant, which comes from the Latin word infans, which means "unable to speak" or "speechless." The terms can also be used to describe young members of other species of organism.

In medical contexts, a newborn or neonate is an infant in the first 28 days after birth (from the Latin neonatus, newborn); the term applies to premature, full-term, and postmature infants. The child is referred to as a fetus before birth. Very young children under one year of age are typically referred to as infants, though definitions can vary.

Why Hasn't Sam Attempted to Walk Yet?

Sam hasn't attempted to walk yet possibly because he has just started crawling and is still in the early stages of physical development. Additionally, the position in which he sleeps, on his back, might also be a contributing factor to his delay in attempting to walk. It's important to provide Sam with a safe and supportive environment to encourage his motor skills development.

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