Benefits of Joining AARP for Elderly Voters

Why might elderly voters might join the AARP?

Answer: AARP provides a number of benefits for elderly people so that they obtain economic security.

Explanation: Elderly people face the pressure of adjusting their means of life to inflation, health expenses, financial security and rising taxes. These issues, mostly economic, are measured by the 'anxiety index' which basically says that elderly people worry about the above mentioned issues because they want retirement security. The AARP provides a number of benefits for the elderly, including medicare, vehicle, entertainment and travel discounts, amongst others. These benefits might alleviate significantly the economic issues and thus help reduce their anxiety levels.

Why might elderly voters want their voices heard on issues?

Answer: They want they're voices heard on issues.

Explanation: I just took the test.

Why do elderly voters join the AARP?

Elderly voters join the AARP to obtain economic security through benefits such as medicare, discounts, and more.

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